Trivia pairs well with beer.

Ah, the exhilaration that once came from receiving a big gold star next to your name in school when you answered a question right! It's not often we get to feel those feels as adults...but then there's trivia.

Trivia is the adult version of getting rewarded for jumping up & down with your arm reaching high into the air, breathing heavily and mouthing the words "pick-me-pick-me-i-know-i-know!" ...except now you write your answers down and calmly await victory.

for real, simmer down over there.

We're into those smarty-pants vibes at The Craft Bar. Seriously, have you ever listened to one of us behind the bar, spouting facts about beer or mixology? It's like we are waiting for someone to show up with a gold star we can stick to our foreheads...

Think you got the smarts? Like good beer? Let's play. 

Trivia Tuesday 30A_2017 Facebook Cover_3.jpg

Now, every week at our 30A location, you can show off your brains and drink some good brew on Trivia Tuesdays! It all starts at 8pm, and right off the bat anyone who's playing will get deals on specialty Idyll Hounds beers.

it's your participation trophy. Yes, everyone gets one but that doesn't mean you're not special.

Each week's theme is totally different. We'll award bar tabs, Idyll Hounds swag, and gift cards to the top 2 teams.

maybe there's a smiley-face sticker in it for you, 3rd place.

BONUS! Idyll Hounds will actually buy their beer back from you if you win! #score

Let the games begin!