The gift you won't ask for, but you totally deserve.

Here's a riddle for ya this Holiday Season: 

Where can you find a gift card that works on anything in a package store--from craft beer, wine & spirits to artisan cheese & accessories--plus, not one, but TWO restaurants in 7 locations?

Wine World. That's where. In fact, we really can't think of anywhere else with a gift card that's got you covered quite like we do.  

Click this image right here to order yours online now!

Click this image right here to order yours online now!

No matter where you get one of our gift cards--or which logo is on the front of it--you can still use it at any & every Wine World, The Wine Bar, or The Craft Bar locations. 

not to sound cliche, but it's kind of the gift that just keeps giving...

Don't worry, we won't judge you if you put it on your own wish list. You deserve it! Pick one up for your friend or family member that you love hanging at The Craft Bar with.

...then cross your fingers that you two have one of those hilarious moments when you realize you got each other the same present.

You know what?...just get one for everyone. Holiday shopping complete! 

Let's say the gift card just isn't the right gift for that someone...

it's not "personal" enough? or maybe they live in a state that Wine World legally can't ship booze to? #bummer
Plus if we shipped a Que Burger that could get real messy...

Have no fear! Craft Bar t-shirts are here!

these swaggerific shirts come in T-cut or V-cut, in a variety of adult sizes!

these swaggerific shirts come in T-cut or V-cut, in a variety of adult sizes!

You can find these bad boys at any of our locations--just ask your server! 

Here's to putting the "cheers!" in Holiday Cheer. 

Trivia pairs well with beer.

Ah, the exhilaration that once came from receiving a big gold star next to your name in school when you answered a question right! It's not often we get to feel those feels as adults...but then there's trivia.

Trivia is the adult version of getting rewarded for jumping up & down with your arm reaching high into the air, breathing heavily and mouthing the words "pick-me-pick-me-i-know-i-know!" ...except now you write your answers down and calmly await victory.

for real, simmer down over there.

We're into those smarty-pants vibes at The Craft Bar. Seriously, have you ever listened to one of us behind the bar, spouting facts about beer or mixology? It's like we are waiting for someone to show up with a gold star we can stick to our foreheads...

Think you got the smarts? Like good beer? Let's play. 

Trivia Tuesday 30A_2017 Facebook Cover_3.jpg

Now, every week at our 30A location, you can show off your brains and drink some good brew on Trivia Tuesdays! It all starts at 8pm, and right off the bat anyone who's playing will get deals on specialty Idyll Hounds beers.

it's your participation trophy. Yes, everyone gets one but that doesn't mean you're not special.

Each week's theme is totally different. We'll award bar tabs, Idyll Hounds swag, and gift cards to the top 2 teams.

maybe there's a smiley-face sticker in it for you, 3rd place.

BONUS! Idyll Hounds will actually buy their beer back from you if you win! #score

Let the games begin!

Champagne & fried chicken, y'all.

As strange as it might sound, we have recently discovered something that might pair better with fried chicken than a cold brew: bubbly. Yep, real fancy-schmancy French champagne. You have to believe us. 

Imagine taking your first bite of our famous southern fried chicken...You immediately crunch into the crispy from-scratch recipe, feeling the salt & pepper against your lips. Then, there's the perfectly cooked hot and juicy chicken. The flavor is everything you've been craving for what seems to have been your whole life! 

Now, take a sip of champagne. No, not a big swig of beer. We mean it. Sip some champagne.
The effervescence is not unlike beer, and yet it's a whole new experience! The bubbles burst in your mouth, mixing with the pepper left behind by the chicken, and tap dance on your tongue like a little man wearing flavor shoes! 

Dreamy, right?

Dreamy, right?

Okay, so now that you know it's legit...

Join us for brunch on Saturdays & Sundays from 11am til 3pm, and we'll strike ya a deal!

Starting on Sunday October 8th,
Order some good ole southern fried chicken & waffles, and we'll buy you a glass of Trouillard Champagne!
Party of two? If y'all each order the chicken, have a bottle of Celene Brut Cremant de Bordeaux (an awesome French sparkling) on the house! 

"I'll have a mimosa, hold the OJ."  

Whether you're watching the game, out with the fam, or just looking for a reason to day-drink, we're tellin gotta try that champagne & fried chicken!

Why? Because brunch. Because delicious.